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Planning, Feasibility Studies, Site and Erosion Investigation, Storm Water Management, Architectural Engineering, Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering, Project and Construction Management, including Cost Estimating, Scheduling, and Claims Avoidance, Inspections, and Value Engineering.

Oil and Gas Plant Experience

Our experience in hydrocarbon based industries includes the engineering and design of facilities for crude production, refining, gas processing, synthetic fuels, petrochemicals, sulfur recovery, and pipeline engineering.  Gas-processing work can range from simple purification to complex system separation.  Oil and gas processing includes enhanced oil recovery facilities, gravel islands for exploration and production, topside installations for offshore platforms and treating facilities.  In refining, we have provided clients with the engineering and design services to assist clients with process selections and licensing, optimization, and detailed design and installation, including all refining processing units.  Pipeline experience covers cross country transportation systems and local plant fed lines.  In sulfur recovery, we have provided the engineering and design for units with straight-through and split-flow arrangements, ammonia handling capacity, reheat and feed pre-heat, and proven tail-gas cleanup methods.  All services are supported by industry leading expertise in engineering and design.

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