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1025 Lakeside Avenue

The owners of 1025 Lakeside Ave. contacted ADCON due to problems they were experiencing as a result of water collecting within the backyard at the perimeter of the building.  ADCON performed an inspection of the property to analyze this problem, and wrote a report documenting their findings.  The report detailed the problems caused by this condition, and made recommendations describing what steps to take in order to correct the problems.  A preliminary cost estimate based on these recommendations was also included in the report.

3435 Mt. Vernon Street

ADCON Consultants inspected and prepared a report for the owner of 3435 Mt. Vernon St.  The inspection focused on repair work which had been performed on the road surface adjacent to the property. ADCON discovered that repair work performed by a Philadelphia Water Department subcontract at the site had been improperly performed.  In addition ADCON found that the contractor had improperly resurfaced the road after making such repair work.  In ADCON’s report conclusions were made which recommended that the Water Department return to the site, investigate, perform the repair work properly, and resurface the road again.

2913 Mifflin Street

The wooden deck located at 2913 Mifflin St. was found to be structurally unsound by the City of Philadelphia Licenses and Inspections (L&I), and a violation notice was issued.  ADCON performed a structural inspection for the owner of the property and investigated what was causing the defects on the deck. ADCON discovered several problems, such as incorrectly sized posts and beams, improperly installed bolts, a missing concrete footing, and several other problems.  ADCON then made recommendations outlining what steps should be taken to fix the problem.

Past Your Bedtime Child Care

ADCON has prepared structural drawings needed for the renovations to Past Your Bedtime Child Care. The drawings were created based on a survey of the existing property, and were sealed by one of ADCON’s registered professional engineers.  The contents of the drawings included structural and general modifications to the lower level (below ground), designs for a new staircase which included a means of egress from the lower level to the ground floor, designs for new retaining walls, a new sidewalk, and plumbing drawings for a new drain.  

5516 Lancaster Avenue

ADCON performed a structural inspection of 5516 Lancaster Ave., and documented their findings in a report for the property owner.  The report detailed several structural problems, in particular the missing header beam around the stair.  ADCON found that the building was in very poor condition, and was only being held up by a temporary support.  ADCON made recommendations outlining what steps the owner should take to save the building, and provided a rough cost estimate.

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